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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  March 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nfl players throw in the towel. tonight new hope that they will find common ground. hello everyone i'm jessica cartalia in for denise and vic. >> hanging in the balance, the first nfl work stoppage in 24 years, both sides are now huding up over the weekend hoping for stronger negotiations next week. joel brown reports now for wjz on what happens next. it's the nfl's players on one side, the owners on the other. in high stakes negotiations that went into overtime. friday afternoon, both sides announced a seven day extension to the talks. just hours before the clock was to run out. >> we continue to work hard and i think the fact that we're continuing the dialogue is a positive sign. with the fate of next
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season hanging in the balance, the new extensions could mean the talks are making some progress. >> our players want to play football, it's been an honor and a privilege to work with our executive committee and a number of reps for the last few days to try to negotiate a fair deal. >> reporter: the two sides have spent several days in negotiations. their threatening to lock out the players if players do not sign on for it. right now 60% of revenues go to player salaries. but owners say, that the 40% left over for them just isn't enough. it's a negotiation among millionaires that's left every day fans in limbo. >> millions would make anybody greedy. >> reporter: if the agreement cannot be reached the players will take the owners to court
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to avoid a lock out. but this extension could be the hail mary pass that could save the season. joel brown,wjz news. wjz13 is aus on, check in for complete coverage of the nfl -- wjz13 is always on, check in for complete coverage of the nfl negotiations. aaron thomas is the man responsible for rapes on women since 1987. detectives plastered streets up and down. tonight police have a suspect behind bars, wjz is live at shock trauma, weijia jiang has more on the victim's conditions and how police were able to make the arrest.
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weijia. >> police say the victim is recovering here in critical but stable condition and they say it was helped tips from the public that led them to the man they believe is responsible. anne arundel police say andrew ennis is the man who attacked a 60-year-old woman in the macy's parking lot in glen burney. beating and robbing her on wednesday evening. >> located a 61-year-old female lying on the parking lot suffering a head injury. >> it just didn't make sense. this kind of stuff doesn't happen here. >> reporter: the victim's car was missing from the scene. but the vehicle was found at pentington avenue. >> that is terrible, seems like they will just get anybody. it is scary. >> reporter: court records show ennis has a lengthy criminal history. that he pled guilty to armed robbery resulting in a 10 year prison sentence.
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investigators say they found ennis before 7:00 on thursday morning. they arrested him here without incident. >> that's relief. i hope he gets the help he needs. though locals are glad to hear police have a suspect in custody, doctors are concerned about copy cats. >> around here it's getting pretty bad right now. the marley station management says security is a priority and that shopter aepbs mall employees can ask for escort to the parking lot. -- priority and that shoppers can ask mall employees for an education court est court -- for an escort to the parking lot. a homeowner flagged down police after he said three armed suspects forced his way
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into their house. police arrested andrew peterson. county police are still severalling for the other two suspects. finally moving forward, stalled for days in the state house committee, the bill to approve same-sex marriage finally gets the green light. political reporter pat warren has more on today's critical vote and what's next. >> reporter: the delegates voted almost exactly as they were expected to. >> yes. >> austin. >> for my constituents, no. >> carter. >> yes. >> reporter: baltimore delegate carter said she received the assurances she was after, but prince george's delegate tiffany austin did not. she introduced an amendment to make this a civil union bill rather than a marriage bill and got shot down in the process. >> to tell us that we are not allowed to amend something if
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we earnestly believe that it's wrong, is wrong. >> this was a cocamaley to lead off. and the senate eliminated that and i thought that's great, they did half the work. >> reporter: calling the vote civil merit would confuse voters at the ballot box. they say the title makes it sound more like a contract rather than what it actually does which is change the definition of marriage from one man one woman to two people in a couple. >> to claim that the voters are going to be confused by either the title to this bill or that a fraud is being committed is enough to make a cat laugh. >> reporter: so same-sex marriage passes the committee 12-10 and delaware loop is grateful. >> an amazing statement i guess that i am just so happy that we'll be able to get this to the floor. >> reporter: the full house gets revved up for debate next week. i'm pat warren, now back to you. >> wjz will continue to follow
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the bill and of course we'll let you know when the full house votes on it. new protests in libya bring more bloodshed when gadhafi's regime strikes back. protesters try to overtake a mob of gadhafi's supporters but they responded with tear gas and ammunition. 37 people were reportedly killed today. tribold is in it's 18th day. an earthquake shattered new zealand's second largest city. and in the center was an annapolis college student. susan collins just spoke with the young survivor. >> reporter: this is an experience she will never
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forget. elizabeth verdict tells of her horrifying experience by phone from new zealand. >> all of a sudden my desk started shaking and i was like oh no, oh no. then the power cut out and i jumped under my desk and it shook for i think it was 55 second and after the first 20 seconds, i just thought to myself, this is not fun anymore. i could hear things crashing. >> reporter: once the 20-year- old got out of her student class, she called her parents. >> she said just so you know, there's been an earthquake, i'm okay but i have to go. >> reporter: her parents watched tv and found out of major damage. >> there was about six of us
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and we all dove underneath the kitchen table. at that point we had enough, we packed up our backpack with our valuables and just left. elizabeth verdict graduated here at annapolis high school in 2008. she's attending bucknel, pennsylvania, and she's in new zealand on a one month abroad program. the students were finally transferred to another university in a different city. now elizabeth says she's grown to love the people of christ church because of the compassion they showed after the quake. a turning point for america's committee, the unemployment rate has fallen below 9% for the first time in nearly two years. the jobless rate hit 8.89% in february with 222,000 new jobs created. experts say it's a sign the labor market is turning the
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corner. luxury is everywhere at baltimore's ritz carlton residences. one of people who live there is would like to build their own personal gun range inside. there's no word if whether it would be for the condo's most prominent resident clancy. clancy's penthouse has 15,000 feet of space. an architect is looking into building permits. one teacher's lesson about slavery slavery gets a little too real. >> she was kind of mean. she should have said sorry. just minutes away what this elementary schooler was forced to do in class. the final seconds of a basketball victory goes terribly wrong when the star player drops dead. find out what happened. young love gone bad.
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a maryland teenager's life lost to dating violence. milder but also a wetter weekend headed our way. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete warning weather forecast coming our way. ,,,,,,
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it's 41 degrees and partly cloudy in central maryland right now. the complete first warner
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weather forecast is coming up -- first warning weather forecast is coming up. two workers were left dangling on the side of the building after their scaffolding collapsed. no injuries were reported. prosecutors have brought new charges against a man accused of wounding congresswoman giffords. loughner's indictment now covers all 19 victims of the shooting. congresswoman giffords continues her rehabilitation at a houston hospital. today her staff released this know toe taken just -- this photo taken just moments before the fires were shot. it shows giffords talking to two constituents one of which was also hurt in the attack. leonard made the final
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basket to win the game. as leonard was celebrating, he collapsed on the court. educating people about dating violence may become standard maryland schools. mary bubala reports the legislation is named after an elicut city girl killed by her boyfriend she was trying to break up with. the parents of kristin mitchell made a video of they daughter. kristin was only 21 when she was killed. this week they testified in annapolis on behalf of a proposed law in their daughter's name. >> people just don't really get what dating violence is. they are all over the place. they might think it's bullying, they might think it's any number of things but they don't
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get what it is. >> reporter: that's why the mitchells are tearing about what it is. much of it is harassment through constant calls and text messages. it then escalates into violence. >> she had called a friend that she was there and he wouldn't leave and then the phone went dead. >> reporter: mitchell had been stabbed 55 times by her boyfriend. he is now in prison. the proposed law in maryland would make it mandatory that middle and high schoolers learn the warning signs of dating violence and how victims can get help before it's too late. >> the christin mitchell law is still in committee. her parents hope it passes this
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session. mary bubala, wjz. if all goes well by this fall, students could be learning throughout campuses about dating violence. friends and family were remembering tyra trent, the transgender person who was found asphyxiated. she had been reported missing two weeks before. a mother is outraged because of a lesson her son was forced to take part in. the class was divided into slaves and masters. >> you feel like your legs and stuff to see if you're strong and stuff. >> and people were doing that to you? >> yeah. >> he felt degraded, he was
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hurt. kids picked on him later. >> reporter: a school district spokesman said the slave auction was part of a curriculum and was a one time lesson. the creator of breast milk ice cream has more than the health officials to worry about, lady gaga said the whole idea nauseated her. this coming from a woman who wore a meat dress. >> welcome to this late friday night. tomorrow is going to be a pretty decent day. it'll be a lot milder. 41 right now. dewpoint up to 34. no winds at all. the barometer holding steady. 48, 27 today. the average now 50 and 30 so keeps coming up.
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80 the record high and five the record low. 41 here. 39 eastern, 40 ocean city. not nearly as chilly as last night or yesterday the high was only 38. 42 now in oakland. with the winds out of the east southeast we're going to stay in the low to mid-30s, north and west. generally about 40 for the morning low. most places right now very little wind any where. and just a bit of a southeast breeze. keeping a little bit of moisture in and also some of that air off the ocean and the bay which is kind of chilly. the really warm air is coming from the south and southwest. low pressure over to the midwest. a lot of rain today, over portion of indiana, ohio. and these places still have snow on the ground. particularly in portions of northern indiana where they're going to get decent rain and moderate rain. for our region. right now we had some clouds increasing to our north. which is partly cloudy now to the south and west, that's where the real rain is. probably taken until late tomorrow night to get any solid
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rain out here. but looks like sunday will be the wet day this weekend. we can see easily an inch of rain. gets even more than that. milder coming up during the day tomorrow. we stay the mild air sunday and this front coming in slowly. cooling off late in the day. monday clearing out with sunshine but a little cooler conditions. so it's going to be a wild weekend. cooler in places. the bay temp around 42, so for tonight, let's call it mainly cloudy but milder 35 to the low 40s. tomorrow lots of clouds. probably an evening sprinkle or shower in a couple of spots. mostly west of us. in the next five days, 57 but rain, showers on sunday. looks like a pretty, might be 100% chance of rain on sunday. but clearing up. monday 48, 52 on tuesday. increasing clouds, maybe a shower again by late wednesday. and temps again in the mid-50s. not too bad. >> we'll take it.
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staniss here with our wjz sports report. >> reporter: despite significant progress there's still a long way to go in the stalemated collective bargaining negotiations between nfl players and nfl owners. nonetheless, talks have been extended another week. seven days as a 24 hour deadline for that agreement was in minutes from now. >> there's a commitment from both sides to engage in another round of negotiations at the request of the mediation service. we look for a deal to come out
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of that. >> both sides still divided in splitting 9 billion in revenues. spring training report features a league's best team so far. the baltimore orioles in detroit make that in lakeman home of the tigers temporarily. pitcher jake arieta looking for the strike zone. no sun in front on that play. later, randy wynn good contact. blasted the infield to greener pastures. and here's the big bopper of the day. nolan rimos 6 innings, three run taeuter -- tater. several fans going crazy over the macarena song blasting
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in their ears or just giddy. the royal beat the blast. ending baltimore's eight game win streak. greensboro, 14 at m maryland, lost to georgia tech. and finally the terps man at 18-12 hopes to rebound against visiting virginia tomorrow. following back to back losses in carolina. it's senior night tomorrow, big game. >> senior night, it's the last home game. last home game of the season. >> it's big dino gregory from mount st. joe's. syracuse number one beat number two virginia 12-10. >> stan, thank you. all right, wholesale discount stores are great for
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